Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Dubrovnik Old Town
On our boat trip to the island of Lopud
My Brother thought it would be a good idea to rent a pedalo. It really wasn't

Watching the sun go down

Just one of the millions of cats (literally) we saw while there
Crystal Clear Sea!

The old Town

An evening swim

My Mother and I (I had to include this as it's pretty much the only picture in which I'm smiling)

Hey! So Here are a few pics from my recent trip to Dubrovnik! The First one shows Dubrovnik old town, which was a short walk from where we were staying. It reminds me so much of a toy town as all the buildings are so perfect and there's absolutely no litter or graffiti. There's also hardly any beggars in Dubrovnik, which is unusual for a busy city, however there is a ridiculous amount of cats. They'd even come and sit by your feet while you were eating...which was slightly off putting. 
The beaches in Dubrovnik are great as they're really clean and the sea is crystal clear, although there are actually very few sandy beaches (pretty much none in fact) so depending on how big the pebbles are, they can be quite uncomfortable to lie on. My Dad unfortunately is also one of those people who refuse to pay for sun loungers.  I guess the good thing about pebbles is that you don't give yourself an accidental exfoliation when rubbing in your sun tan lotion and you don't have to worry about getting sand on your towel. A downside however, is that my Mom bought us all matching sea shoes as it was incredibly painful (and difficult to look graceful) when walking in and out of the sea. And yes that's right, my Mom, Dad, brother and me all had the same sea shoes. If sea shoes weren't cringy enough if not wearing a wet suit. 
The majority of the holiday was extremely relaxing, however on one occasion my older brother decided it would be a nice idea to get a pedalo. He also thought it would be good idea to dive off it into the sea, which I agreed with, however we had the pedalo for an hour, and I spent approximately 30 minutes trying to climb back on. I was almost certain I would have to swim back to shore, however I did finally manage to get back on, not in the most lady like of fashions may I add. 
One of my favourite parts of the holiday was going to one of our local beaches and watching the sun go down. My absolute favourite time to be on the beach is the evening (it's also the best tanning time). I find there's also something really inviting about the sea when the sun's really low in the sky. This particular beach was actually concrete (not even pebbles) but it had a real party atmosphere and you could jump of the rocks into the sea! 
Finally, I thought I should just mention the food, as we all know that's pretty important. The fish is really good there and due to the Italian influence there's also loads of pizzerias. I'm not usually a big fan of ice cream, but on the main street in the old town there must be a tleast 7 ice cream shops that have the biggest selection of flavours I've ever seen. So naturally I had to try a different flavour every day. The Kinder egg or cookie one was definitely the best.
Anyway, I hope you're all having a great summer and enjoying your holidays! 
Lil x 


  1. Your photos are gorgeous, the colour of the sea in the second one is lush! Kinder egg icecream sounds actually AMAZING! Totally craving a kinder egg now xx

  2. Lovely photos!


  3. Sounds like you had a really good holiday, the photos are so lovely! :-)

    I really like your blog, the name is so clever and it's such a good idea to make one with your best friend too.

    Chloe X

  4. This brings back memories of my long weekend in Dubrovnik - I loved the town & we had such a fab time, I'd definitely go back. Fab photos!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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