Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hey Guys! As Anna previously mentioned, I've been in Croatia for the last two weeks, so I thought as well as sharing some of my holiday snaps and telling you a bit about Dubrovnik (post on that coming soon!) I could also do a little review on the books I read while I was there. During the two weeks I got through four books, and I can honestly say I absolutely loved them all...

All the Single Ladies: Jane Costello. This book is a real easy, light hearted read, so perfect for on holiday. I'm a big fan of Sophie Kinsella books, and if you are too then I'd definitely recommend Jane Costello. In places this book is hilarious and you can easily lose yourself in the ups and downs of the main character's life. I find a lot of books similar to this one (centered around break ups and such) can be a bit predictable, but I was unsure of what the outcome would be right up until the last few chapters! 

The Lovely Bones: Alice Sebold.  I've wanted to see the film for a while now, but as everyone always recommends reading the book first I picked it up for my holiday. Although it is centered around something  horrific, it is not a depressing book. It is emotional, but also very uplifting.  I really enjoyed the way it is written and loved the concept of the afterlife and how it was portrayed. 

Before I go To Sleep: S J Watson. I absolutely loved the uncertainty and tension throughout this novel. I think the concept of it is genius as you are left unknowing who to trust right up until the very end. For this reason it is utterly gripping and very thought provoking. If you want a thrilling book you can't put down, then definitely try this one!

Room: Emma Donoghue. I picked this book up at an English bookshop in Dobrovnik. The blurb is extremely vague, which is what actually encouraged me to buy it. It simply tells you that it's about a boy who lives with his Ma in a locked room. Understandably, I had very little idea about what the main focus of this novel would be, and was actually very surprised by what it turned out to be (I won't tell you in case you read it!) The narrative voice throughout the novel is a five year old boy called  Jack who I think as a reader you become very attached to. I finished this book a couple of days ago, and am still thinking about it. It is not only moving, but upsetting and even funny in places! Has definitely become one of my favourite books!

I often find it difficult choosing books, so I hope you found this useful if you're in need of something new to read! 
Lil x 

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