Saturday, 26 January 2013


why so serious.
Levi's Jacket// gift from Lil
Sweatshirt// United Colours of Benetton via my mum
Skirt// American Apparel
Necklace// Miss Selfridge

Helloooo, long time no... write? But as you can tell from the stupid witty use of Eminem's lyrics, we're back! Well attempting to be.
As much as it is an old and shameful excuse, at the moment it feels like time is a luxury we can't afford which is why we've started doing separate outfit posts in between our joint ones (in case you didn't realise there was only one of us).
Hopefully this means we can post more regularly (fingers crossed) and as usual we hope you enjoy them!

Anna and Lil x

p.s warning to all you pre sixth form readers, when they say the workload compare to GCSE is ridiculous, they mean it.

p.p.s clear that I am excited to be blogging again from the 2nd photo where I appear to have gone insane (but not as excited as Lil and I were for Comic Relief Great British Bake Off).