Tuesday, 24 July 2012


LILY: I love these boyfriend jeans for a number of reasons, firstly I'd been looking for a pair for ages and found these in ZARA reduced to £12.99 (!), but mostly because they are really easy to wear and give a relaxed, effortless feel to any outfit.
ANNA: This top is just so classic, I've been wearing it non-stop and can make a simple skirt or a pair shorts look more 'put together' as well as the high neck making the outfit a bit more flattering. This too was in the sales (summer's so great) in GAP for only £6.99 and I know I definitely get my wear out of it!
LILY: This is definitely one of those books that constantly plays on your mind and you struggle to put down.It is cleverly and carefully put together and is full of twists and turns. This novel is far from predictable. It's slightly disturbing, but in a way that adds to the suspense and the creepy atmosphere of the novel.
ANNA: This novel is seriously brilliant and I know this will be so controversial, but I can honestly say I preferred it to the first book. Both novels are extremely well written, but the fact that the murder and the prime suspect was revealed and then the rest of the book used situations to enlighten the reader further and further, made the book impossible to put down. 
LILY: It may seem like a strange thing to rediscover, but I seriously forgot how much I love this cheese. It reminds me of summer as we ate it on holiday in Normandy last year. And it's delicious.
ANNA: I LOVE these sweets, they're like mini kinder eggs wrapping up grape flavoured jelly sweets and, trust me, it is a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the packaging, I've only found them in Hong Kong and my mum bought them back for me on a recent visit, but if anyone knows a UK supplier, pleasepleaseplease let me know!
LILY: After recently getting my hair lightened, I thought I should start using a deep conditioner to hydrate my hair. I haven't been using this for too long, but already I've noticed a difference in the quality of my hair. It's a lot softer and seems more manageable. I'm not nuts on the scent, (it has a bubblegum smell), but it's not unpleasant, just a little sickly. I really love the dispenser at the bottom though, it means you don't have to unscrew the top, you just simply squeeeeeze.
ANNA: I got this free from the latest GLAMOUR magazine and I didn't really have any expectations, but I actually really enjoy using it! I love the scent and it does leave my lips hydrated, which is hard considering I have the driest lips in the world (it's really not pretty), which I think may be down to the 100% natural ingredients (!),  all in all, a really nice product :)

Monday, 23 July 2012


Earrings// Topshop
Top// Dad's
Trousers// Zara

Necklace// H&M
Top// Topshop
Playsuit// Topshop

Here's a chilled outfit of the day for you guys, it was such a b-e-a-utiful day today (fingers crossed the weather stays like this) we had to go outside and decided we might as well take some snaps. We just wanted to say a thank you to our few members and all your lovely comments we couldn't believe that someone would actually read it (!), anyway thanks again and we'll hopefully see you soon! 
Anna and Lil x

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Earrings// Topshop
Blouse// Zara
Leggings// Market
Boots// Topshop

Crop Top// American Apparel
Maxi Skirt// Miss Selfridge
Belt// H&M
Doc Martens// Cloggs

Here are a couple of snaps we took before our friend's Birthday meal, although you may mistake our outfits for funeral attire. However we realised they accurately reflect the wonderful British 'summer' we're experiencing. Taking photos of ourselves 'posing' is always going to be a tad awks, and as you can see keeping a straight face was a little difficult. Anyway, it was Lily's hair's debut and a chance to catch up with the rest of the gang :)  

Anna and Lil x


Bare faced and beautiful (or not)

Hey Guys, we thought we'd do a little post on our Silver DofE experience. And let us tell you it's not a read for the faint hearted. In our opinions DofE is pretty much 90% pain and sorrow, and 10% delirious happiness. But for some reason it's always the 10% you seem to remember.

So firstly, let us enlighten you on the whole weather situation. It rained. And rained. Then there was sun. And then more rain. However in some ways it was a blessing, as it made us walk faster. So if you're about to embark on your own DofE experience, here are some tips we hope you find helpful...

No.1- SING. Seriously, it's the only way to get through it. We even made our own songs up. One entitled 'Shit, Sheep and Ticks' because that's all there is in Wales. Literally.
No.2 - On the theme of ticks, BEWARE. Remember, sheep=ticks so although it's tempting to lie face down in the grass after an exhausting day's walk, don't.
No. 3 - If you get lost, just go straight back to a main road. We spent hours looking for non-existing footpaths. WASTE OF TIME. Especially in Wales.
No. 4 - Walk as a group, not because it's the nice thing to do, but because if you don't...you're gonna fail.
No.5 - And finally, remember you're all in the same boat, take comfort in this. You'll need it when you're completely soaked through and smelling..erm...not so fresh.

Although this isn't the most encouraging of posts, it may sound cheesy, but it is a unforgettable experience/opportunity and regardless of the pain, worth doing. Not to mention you get to learn a little more than you'd like to know about your fellow teammates, and inevitably, friends. 

Anna and Lil :) x 


'Avin a bite at Ed's
ALI and her frapp
A reenactment of our expressions during the Cow 'incident' 

Hey Guys, here are some pictures from our trip into Birmingham, and although it wasn't exactly shorts and sunnies wearing weather (not that we've come to expect anything more) we still had a pretty good time.

So the main aim of going into Town was to pick up some presents for our friend's Birthdays (joint presents are sooo much easier) and surprisingly it didn't take us long to find what we were looking for: a pair of palazzo trousers from River Island, 'Pink Noveau' from MAC and a shorts and top combo from Urban Outfitters.

In celebration we headed off to Ed's Easy Diner in Selfridges, definitely a recommendation if you're peckish and in Birmingham- as you can see we polished off the lot! They definitely do the best burgers (totally regret not getting one of their famous milkshakes) as well as transporting you straight back to the 1950s. Being able to choose a hit from that era (authentic jukeboxes on each table) also adds to the experience!

We then trekked to Cow Vintage in order to have a mooch around. Definitely sell some good stuff, but the prices are a bit disappointing. However, it seems hygiene is not top of their list...as we found out. So whilst searching through their two pieces, we had no idea of the surprise we had in store as we examined the bottoms of one particular ensemble. Whilst turning them inside out and enthusing about how much we like them, we soon discovered the horrors that lurked below and our expressions soon turned to disgust as we noticed mysterious white 'stains' (shiver). Believe us, we sanitized immediately once leaving.

In order to comfort ourselves we went for a cheeky Starbucks and ordered a mango frappuccino and a chai tea latte. After giving our names (as you now do in England) clearly and precisely, we sat down awaiting our drinks and apparently our new names. 'A mango frapp for ALI' was followed by 'A chai tea latte for NIKKI'. Really?! So from now on we've decided to simply make up a name on the spot.

Well that was our exciting day in Brum, we hope it was an entertaining read. Till next time,
Anna and Lil x